‘PGI' Emmental de Savoie

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  • 500g
  • 1kg

Thanks to the aromas of the exceptional quality milk used and its traditional production methods, Emmental de Savoie is a real gem that is worth rediscovering.
It is ripened for a long time and made with unpasteurised milk in small, rural dairies. Its light coloured, unctuous paste, whose mildness and flavour will appeal to any palate, is characterised by large, smooth, well distributed holes. 
The cylindrical, domed round weighs around 65 kg. 
The rind is smooth, ranging from yellow to yellowish brown.
It is an Emmental de terroir, with its origin guaranteed by a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) label. You will recognise it by the red Savoie marking on its heel. 

Butterfat 30 %
Conservation 4 à 8° C
Famille Pressée cuite
Affinage 3 mois
Milk Vache
Traitement thermique Cru
Ingrédients Lait*, sel, ferments lactique, présure
Garantie d'origine IGP

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