‘PDO' Reblochon de Savoie

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  • Fermier (450gmini)

Reblochon fruitier

In the 13th century in the vallée de Thône in the Savoie region, all farmers cultivating Alpine pastures paid the landowner according to the quantity of milk produced. Some farmers used a trick to reduce the amount they paid: they milked their cow a second time after the landowner had left. They "reblochaient" [reblocher in French means to pinch a cow's udder twice] and made cheese from this milk, which was called Reblochon.

Reblochon de Savoie which has enjoyed Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status since 1954, is flat and cylindrical in shape (14 cm in diameter, and 3 to 4 cm thick) with a saffron yellow rind covered with a fine white mould. Its soft, unctuous paste acquires a subtle hazelnut aroma during 15 days of ripening in a cool cellar.

Reblochon fruitier is made every day in cheese dairies or dairies from milk collected from several dairy farms in the area of production.
It is identified by a red casein label which bears the n° of the dairy where it was produced.

Reblochon fermier

Reblochon fermier is made from the milk of one herd only, at the farm in the mountain pastures during the summer. It is made twice a day, after milking in the morning and the evening.

A green numbered casein label is a guarantee of its farm origin and the identity of its producer. A fermier cheese stays on the farm for at least 8 days before being taken to a ripener who continues to shape it: turning, and remoulding it... It is ready after around twenty days. 

Conservation 4 à 8° C
Famille Molle
Affinage 3 semaines
Classification A.O.P
Milk Vache
Traitement thermique Cru
Ingrédients Lait*, sel, ferments lactique, présure
Croûtage Mixte
Catégorie Fermier

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