'PDO'Comté extra

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  • Piece (500g)
  • 1kg

Mainly produced in Franche-Comté, Comté has the highest production figures of all French AOC cheeses, a label which guarantees that strict, traditional methods of stock rearing, production and ripening have been followed.
It is a cheese made from unpasteurised cows' milk with a cooked, pressed paste.
It comes in large wheels, 65 cm in diameter with an average weight of 40kg. Around 450 litres of milk are needed to produce one round.
It is rich in phosphorous, calcium, mineral salts and proteins. The optimal period for eating it is from July to September, after a ripening period of 8 to 12 months which can extend to 36 months for those referred to as Comtés d'Exception.

Its amazingly rich aroma is due above all to the characteristics of the flora of the Jura region which includes almost 2,000 species. 

Butterfat 28 %
Conservation 4 à 8° C
Famille Pressée cuite
Affinage 8-10 mois
Classification A.O.P
Milk Vache
Traitement thermique Cru
Ingrédients Lait*, sel, ferments lactique, présure
Croûtage Lavé

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